History of jewelry in Key West

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Key West has a rich history when it comes to jewelry. The island's vibrant culture and its history as a major trading hub have influenced the development of unique jewelry styles. In the early years, jewelry was often used as a symbol of wealth and status, with locals adorning themselves with precious gemstones and metals.

As the island grew in popularity as a tourist destination, jewelry became an important part of the local economy. Artisans began creating pieces that captured the essence of Key West, incorporating elements of the ocean, tropical flora, and the vibrant colors of the Caribbean. These designs quickly gained recognition, and Key West jewelry became highly sought after by visitors and locals alike.

Today, Key West continues to be a hub for jewelry enthusiasts, with a thriving community of artisans and designers who draw inspiration from the island's rich history. The jewelry scene in Key West is a testament to the island's enduring love affair with beauty and creativity.

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